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This project is a work in progress, currently it is in alpha. and no official release is available, docs are available with the source code
The Packet Rush Networking Framework (PRNF) provides a client/server networking layer that abstracts away from the underlying communication mechanism such as UDP or TCP.

The following diagram provides an overview of the PRNF architecture, the arrows in the diagram represent the flow of data through the system.



Services simplify networking tasks by offering the ability to seperate them into specific areas of concern, for instance, you could create a text messaging service, a commanding service or a user management service.

Services are created by implementing the INetService interface.

Client and Server applications built on top of PRNF interact with services, services produce network packets represented by the framework class, Packet. Packets contain data to be sent across the network, and instructions on how the data should be sent.

Client/Server Runtimes

The client and server runtimes represented by PRNF classes NetClient and NetServer respectively are hosted in applications to provide client/server networking capabilities.

For servers, developers would create an instance of NetServer and for clients, developers would create an instance of NetClient.

Client/Server Networking Providers

Networking Providers abstract away the underlying networking protocol. NetServer and NetClient perform all networking operations through networking providers.

For NetServer, networking providers implement the IServerNetworkingProvider interface, and for NetClient, the IClientNetworkingProvider interface.

PRNF currently has two out-of-the-box networking providers, a UDP only networking provider and a mixed TCP/UDP networking provider.

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